Your collections do not happen in a silo. Why should your AR software do that?

Duct-taped solutions built over an ERP or CRM and spreadsheets are not purpose-built for collections. Collaboration becomes very hard, leading to multiple conversations at multiple places. The result? Operational inefficiencies and lack of predictability dog your AR process.

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Is your customer truly at the heart of
your collection process?
Manual collection follow ups do not work well
You use one too many tools for collaboration; which leads to a lack of shared context
Back and forth between different stakeholders leads to operational inefficiencies
Cash application is done manually after payments are received
Pockets of truth for each stakeholder in Sheets and other tools
Hours spent in reconciling data from different sheets
No real-time visibility into accounts receivable metrics
Tear down silos
Automated collection follow ups work really well
Collaboration-first tool; everyone has a shared context
No more back and forth between different stakeholders are avoided leads to operational inefficiencies
Automated cash application that saves hours of manual work!
Single source of truth for all stakeholders
No more reconciling data from different sheets
Real-time visibility into key accounts receivable metrics and trends

Strategize collection follow ups that involve all stakeholders

Make every stakeholder that has a part to play in collections, a part of the AR journey.

Collaborate and collect

Cc customer success managers, collection owners and account managers in collection emails so everyone stays in the know.

Assign tasks to team members and customer-facing teams

Insert specific points in your journeys where Growfin assigns tasks to stakeholders for follow up.

Track conversations in Inbox

Regardless of your role, stay on top of collection conversations.

Take action, asap

When customers promise to pay by a certain date or raise a dispute, record them as actionable tasks for team members immediately..

Never miss a task assigned to you

Know which accounts to focus on with a dedicated space for your assigned tasks.

Assign User roles

You can not only assign appropriate roles to users but also edit permissions for each role.

Making collaboration the cornerstone of your
collection efforts has its benefits.
  • Real time visibility on collection payment status
  • Reduction in DSO
  • Lower headcount and system costs in collecting receivable
  • Predictability in cash flow
  • Insights on customer credit risk
  • Better customer payment experience