Intercom’s Playbook for Automating your AR Process

Intercom is a software company that was founded in 2011. Starting as an app that helped businesses manage and track their communication with website visitors, Intercom’s product quickly scaled to cater to larger companies and enterprises. Today, the company builds communications software that unifies every aspect of the customer journey, from conversion to engagement to support.

Intercom has its headquarters in San Francisco with offices in Chicago, Dublin, Sydney and London. More than 25,000 organizations use Intercom. As a self-serve SaaS product, this /number includes a good
number of SMBs along with large enterprises.

Receivables came under the spotlight for Intercom when the comparatively smaller volume of enterprises in their customer base became a large source of revenues for the company. For customers on contract, collecting money was becoming a challenge due to the fact that the bulk of their revenues, which was stuck in receivables, was managed using manual work.

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