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Unlock your cash flow potential with Growfin's low-IT, minimal onboarding solution that's even better.

Growfin is purpose-built for your entire enterprise. Unlock cash flow potential by strategizing your collections, tracking your receivables in real-time, collaborating and collecting, and predicting your customer's next payment. Do more than just automate your collections.

Build & automate collection strategies
Risk-based Collections
Health Score is an AI/ML-powered feature in Growfin, which scores each account based on their past payment behavior. So you can decide the right collection strategies based on the risk of default calculated by Growfin.
  • A separate Credit Module has to be procured for additional cost to access the Health Score
Dynamic Prioritized Worklist for Collectors
Growfin generates a prioritized worklist dynamically for collectors, based on the response of accounts to collection strategies.
  • If you were to use the Health Score as a criteria in your collections strategy, you would need to procure the Credit Module.
You can not only customize your collection follow up emails but also capture email deliveries, views and replies in reports.
  • Customized emails can be sent out however email views are not trackable.
ACH Debit
Out-of-the-box native integration available with Razorpay & Stripe to allow customers to make auto ACH Debit payments.
  • Currently this feature is not provided as part of the offering. Customers would need to procure a separate EIPP module for the payment portal.
Custom Reports
50+ out-of-the-box reports available in Growfin with an option to add custom reports free of cost based on your use case.
  • Out-of-the-box reports available in HighRadius. However, for every additional custom report an additional fee would need to be paid. 
Pre-built Integrations
Out-of-the-box Salesforce integration built for use cases involving collaboration creates an AR widget inside Salesforce. CSM & Sales teams’ comments reflect real-time inside Growfin.
  • HighRadius currently has a generic integration with Salesforce, which automatically updates notes in the CRM. However, sales people will need to log in to HighRadius to work and add updates.
Implementation Timeline
Growfin.ai has turnkey integrations with the standard ERP solutions in the market, such as SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Zoho Books, Sage, MS Dynamics, and GP etc).

This helps us have the solution up and running in 4 - 16 weeks based on the scope of the project.
  • HighRadius still uses SFTP integrations for ERP, which delays your implementation timelines. An implementation could take anywhere between 12 - 24 weeks based on the project.
Intuitive UX, which has been built to be user friendly and requires minimal onboarding experience.
  • HighRadius’ IR is a 16-year-old legacy solution, with a UI that has not been updated much over the past.
Unicorns across the globe use Growfin

Collaborative AR can help you get paid faster. Growfin solves for inefficiencies in your AR process and helps you bring predictability to your collections.

Collection Efficiency

Bring down your DSO

Better collection efficiency translates to accelerated cash inflow and reduced DSO. 60 days is all it takes for you to see the impact.

Reduce manual work even as you scale

Automate manual repetitive tasks so the collection team can focus on strategic aspects, like building customer relationships.

Effortless dispute resolutions

Get visibility into invoices that are under dispute and the context needed to understand the status quo and the next step, for all stakeholders. See the top causes for disputes and fix them with a few clicks.

Shared context between teams

Break down barriers between teams. Reduce back and forths between customer-facing and finance teams by making Growfin your single source of truth.

Revenue Predictability

Get visibility into cash inflow for sound decision-making

Get real-time visibility into the health of your receivables process, including key metrics and trend lines. Look up the ageing of your accounts receivable and do course correction on the fly to ensure you meet your collection targets.

Forecast, better

Get a snapshot of your top metrics like DSOs and key trends like cashflow and ADP. Know exactly which part of your collection funnel is bloated and how it’s going to impact your next quarter.

Better customer experience on collecting payments

Craft personalized emails with unique follow-up journeys for your customers. Growfin lets you decide when and how often you would like to reach out to your customers.

Avoid manual data reconciliation across disparate business systems

Get real-time visibility of your AR data for all stakeholders since Growfin integrates seamlessly with other software in your tech stack.

Our biggest challenges were to build out automated AR reporting, track communication with customers regarding past due accounts, and personalizing our notification process. Growfin allows us to have automated reports, real-time communication updates to prevent duplicate work, and personalized notifications to our customers.
Ashlie Stewart
Manager, Billing Operations
Growfin helps fast growing companies like us to be on top of AR, which is critical for getting predictable cash inflow.
Senior Director Finance
“Growfin has been able to streamline our AR process and improve our collection efficiency.”
SVP, Finance and Commercials
The team at Growfin has been super supportive. It's been a pretty quick onboarding process, to say the least.
Financial Controller
Iron out inefficiencies in your AR process, improve collection efficiency and accelerate your cash flow with better predictability.

Get the Growfin advantage

Strategize your Collections

Think beyond
AR automation

Do more than just automating follow-up emails for your customers. Flex your strategic muscles to build out extensive collection strategies to tackle different customer segments.

Real-Time AR Tracking

Know where
your cash is stuck.

Visualize your collection funnel and pinpoint the exact stages and accounts that block your cash inflow. Growfin’s collection CRM gives you a real-time view of the health of your AR process.

Collaborative Collections

Stop playing whac-a-mole with your AR

Receivable management is never a one team job. Finance needs to talk to sales and customer success, and vice versa. All of these teams need to talk to customers. 
Get the shared context you need to drive collections, collaboratively. Growfin caters to the needs of each stakeholder in the collections process.

For Collection Teams

  • Auto-escalate workflows to sales reps
  • Streamline internal and customer collaboration in one place
  • Get visibility into sales reps collection activities
  • Assign different stakeholders on disputed invoices

For Sales and Customer Success Teams

  • Get real-time visibility into AR balances in SFDC
  • Get notified when your account pays
  • Collaborate from Slack, Gmail or SFDC
  • Track collection statuses and streamline tasks of your accounts


Forecast better with real-time cash flow visibility and predictability

Dive into live dashboards, which showcase key metrics to get a grasp of the current state of receivables and future cash flow performance. View total collections, predicted cashflows, historical DSO trends, booked-billed-collected performances, and much more.

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Turnkey Integrations with your finance and sales tech stack

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Get on the fast lane to revenue acceleration and cash flow predictability.
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