Powerful AR Analytics

See the forest and the trees

Growfin lets you look at the birds eye view of your Accounts Receivable process while also letting you zoom into specific key metrics that are leading indicators of your process efficiency.

Drive real-time visibility and predictability
Accurately forecast cash inflow with real insights on customers expected pay dates and payments statuses.
Measure team’s collection performance by tracking collection activities and performance reports.
Measure improvement in your collection performance with more accurate and advances metrics like ADP and CEI.
Don’t just measure; act upon your insights from the dashboard

Snapshot AR Dashboard

Run through your numbers with a fine tooth comb

Get to know your overall AR snapshot at an organization level or at an entity level or at a BU or region level.

Key Metrics

Have a view on a rolling basis of your key cash flow metrics - Outstanding, Collected, DSO & Aging buckets.

Know where your cash is stuck

How much of your AR balance is pending, paid or stuck in dispute & drill down.

Top Debtors

See the top debtors and how much money they owe you.

Collection Funnel

Know how many customers you followed up, how many received & either paid or replied.

Are your emails getting delivered?

Growfin tracks all your email deliveries to help you understand if your customer’s contact is missing or stale.


Predictable Cash Inflow

Get trends on sales, outstanding and cash collected MoM. Growfin understands the past payment behavior of every customers and trends to predict cash inflow for a month.

Sales vs Collected

Get insights on each months cohort of sales vs how much got collected.

Collection Performance Metrics

Growfin measures average delay in payment and collection effectiveness index which are true  representation of the collection performance

Team’s Performance

Know how your collections team has been performing against their target and balance, also see activities they performed.

AR Aging Report

Want to know your AR aging as of last month?

Growfin allows you to download AR aging reports to share, with historical state on status of AR balance and collection as of that date.

Unicorns across the globe use Growfin