Collaborate and collect

Drive collections, collaboratively

Shared context is everything. Avoid back and forth between finance and customer-facing teams with collaboration-features baked into Growfin.

Streamline collaboration across teams
Resolve invoice disputes faster by collaborating with other teams and with added context of your AR data
Streamline customer conversations in one place and capture promise to pays or disputes in context
Avoid adding another software for the sales team to use by letting them collaborate on AR from where they are, slack or salesforce
Keep other teams in loop like sales, customer success and billing at will into your collection follow up sequence

Dispute & Escalation Management

Collaborate and resolve

Growfin CRM allows you to not only capture promise-to-pay (PTPs), escalations, disputes and write-offs but also collaborate with other team members and resolve them in an intuitive manner.

Dispute management

Track invoice disputes as tickets and assign it to stakeholders to have clear accountability and faster resolution.

Growfin Escalation = Salesforce Case

Finance can escalate invoices or create disputes from Growfin as cases in Salesforce for the sales rep to resolve.

@mention your colleagues

Simply @mention your colleagues in the disputes or other activity threads to drop a comment tagging them.

Collaborate with context

Having the relevant data where collaboration happens seals the right context into interactions.

Collaborate from Slack or SFDC

Collaborate from where you are

Finance, sales or customer success can now collaborate from their favorite tools to collect efficiently and seamlessly.

Get Notified

Get to know immediately in SFDC or through slack bots when your customer makes a payment or goes delinquent.

Chat from Slack

Collaborate on invoices, disputes or tasks with context seamlessly from Slack.

Collaborate from SFDC

Collaborate from growfin’s dashboard within SFDC account’s page in context.


Customer responses captured in Growfin’s inbox

Any responses to your collection emails are captured within Growfin and the team has access to those emails from Growfin’s inbox. Act & respond from one place.

Automated collaboration

Loop in billing, sales and customer success teams

Automated follow up sequences in Growfin can help you set up your collaboration on an autopilot. Provision specific milestones in your follow up sequence when the Collections Bot needs to loop in billing, sales or customer success teams in the follow up emails.

Unicorns across the globe use Growfin