Purpose-built AR software for your entire enterprise

Work together towards a common goal of revenue acceleration with Growfin. Get paid faster, better and more.

Built for every team member, to a fault.

If you’re remotely involved in the collections process, then Growfin is for you.

Growfin for CFOs and Directors of Finance

Growfin is your strategic cash flow partner

Get the high-level visibility you need into your collections process. Accelerate your cash inflow and predict your future cash flows better.

Accelerate your cash inflow and maintain a healthy working capital

Cut down costs; drive working capital and productivity savings

Get real-time visibility into the health of your collections process

Bring predictability into your AR process; forecast better

Growfin for AR Managers

A better way to manage collections and your team

Make your collections process proactive; no more chasing accounts closer or after the due date

Proactively measure the collection team's performance; get visibility into the team's activities

Answer to all your 'how-many' questions—how many invoices are stuck? How many invoices have open promise-to-pays?

Understand the whys behind the delays. Does an account have cash flow issues, or are there unanswered questions, disputes, or have they given a promise-to-pay?

No more back and forths between various stakeholders; customers, CSMs and AR teams can collaborate via a single platform