Strategize Collections

Dunning Reminders are passé!

Not all customers pay the same way so why should your collection process be? Personalize and automate your collection strategies at scale.

Automate Collection Strategies at Scale
Save on the time spent in chasing your long tail customers with automated and personalized follow ups.
Avoid critical payment delays by being proactive with personalized strategies for those customer segments.
Achieve greater account coverage by automating follow ups at scale.
Create accountability on collections by auto-escalating invoices to sales reps beyond a threshold.

Customer Segmentation

Personalize your collection reach outs

Every customer is unique. Categorize your customers into segments of high value, long tail and high risk based on your preferences so you can orchestrate unique collection journeys for each segment.

Collection Followup Bot

Focus on critical invoices while the bot takes care of the rest

Automate follow up sequences by reaching out your customers at the right time to the right person.

Expected Payment Date

Orchestrate your follow up actions based on Growfin’s predicted payment date by analyzing past payment behavior.

Capture Customer Responses

The bot captures any customer responses to its email and assigns it to the respective collection owner.

Control - Auto Stop

When an invoice is paid or have a promise to pay or is being disputed, configure the bot to pause or stop.

Personalized Actions

Send personalized emails and have everyone in loop

Personalize at each step of the sequence who the emails needs to be sent from, what message and who needs to be kept in loop.

Send “from” your email id

Send follow up emails from your collector's or common email ids.

CC: Sales Rep

Keep the relevant stakeholder in loop in your follow up emails, automatically.

Personalized messages

Have personalized email messaging for each step of followup.

Automate prioritized worklist

Involve your collections team and sales team when needed

Define your collection strategy to assign tasks to collectors and escalate invoices to sales reps based on the customer segment.

Auto-set collector worklist

Based on value, status and age of the invoice, involve collectors where necessary.

Auto-escalate invoices to sales

When a customer does not respond, auto-escalate beyond a point.

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