Real-time AR Tracking

Not just sales; finance need a CRM too

Finance systems designed for back-office are not built to handle customer relationships during your collections process. Growfin gives you the superpower to approach collections like how a sales team would do with a CRM.

Real-time collections tracking
Get real-time visibility into the status spent in chasing your long tail customers with automated and personalized follow ups
Avoid AR being black box for sales team by providing a real-time dashboard within Salesforce
Don’t lose track of promise-to-pays, escalations and disputes on invoices in spreadsheet notes, emails and slack messages
Eliminate manual work in managing spreadsheet reports and reconciling data across systems and stakeholders.

AR Snapshot

Bird’s eye visibility into the health of your AR

Know where your collection process stands today both at a 30000 ft view and at a 30 ft view.

Track Promise-to-Pays

Look at accounts that have a promise to pay for the month.

Monitor Bad Debts

Monitor and provision bad debts upfront.

AR Aging Dashboard

Replace your tracker spreadsheet to real-time dynamic AR dashboard

No more checking your spreadsheet notes & your inbox for contacted date before you follow up. Have all the information in one place.

Understand when to follow up

Growfin automatically tracks when you last followed up and what is the status of payment.

Health score

Highlights the risk of collecting cash from a customer based on the past payment behavior for you to strategize collections.

Prioritize Accounts

Prioritize accounts that you want to focus on for the week based on the aging, balance & health score of each customer.

Filter Views - Slice & dice

Segment your accounts by risk, region, business unit etc. and save them to easily accessible views.

Salesforce AR Dashboard

Collection is no more a black box for Sales teams

No need to ask the finance team for outstanding invoices or payment status. Get all the AR information about your customer inside Salesforce.

Track from where you are

Like how Growfin helps finance teams track AR, Growfin dashboard inside Salesforce helps sales team to track AR from where they are.

Context in sync

All collection notes or collection activities can be added inside Salesforce which get recorded in Growfin for tracking.

Collector’s Dashboard

Be on top of collection activities & work list

Start your day with the prioritized worklist on tasks to complete, issues to resolve & payments to collect.

Assigned to me

Know how much you have collected in total and the balance that remains at a glance.

Track your progress

Track your progress on how much you have collected in total and the balance that remains at a glance.

Get Notified

Know immediately when a customer responds or makes a payment

Critical & Flagged invoices

Look at flagged invoices that require attention. Know when an invoice becomes critical.

Customer view

Avoid pulling customer and invoice data from different systems

Have all your customer information and activities in one place required to perform a collection activity from contact information to internal PoC to invoice PDFs.

Customer Statement

Have quick access to customer’s statement and easy access Invoice PDFs.

Audit trail

Bad debt recovery? Have an audit trail of all the collection activities with the customer in one place to report.

Perform Actions in Bulk

Send bulk follow up emails or record promise to pays or disputes based on response, set tasks or escalations.

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