Collection Strategy
Collection Strategy

Automate personalized collection followups for customers, and build a prioritized worklist for collectors, automatically.

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Realtime Receivables Tracking
Realtime Receivables Tracking

Prioritize accounts with real time visibility on aging, payment status, customer responses and collection activities.

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Collaborative Collections
Collaborative Collections

Handle escalations and disputes on invoices across finance and customer-facing teams collaboratively.

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Cashflow Predictability
Cashflow Predictability

Not a standard AR aging report. Get insights on when a customer is going to pay and forecast accurately

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Customer Segmentation

Personalize your collection reach outs

Every customer is unique. Categorize your customers into segments of high value, long tail and high risk based on your preferences so you can orchestrate unique collection journeys for each segment.

Collection Followup Bot

Focus on critical invoices while the bot takes care of the rest

Automate follow up sequences by reaching out your customers at the right time to the right person.

Expected Payment Date

Orchestrate your follow up actions based on Growfin’s predicted payment date by analyzing past payment behavior.

Capture Customer Responses

The bot captures any customer responses to its email and assigns it to the respective collection owner.

Control - Auto Stop

When an invoice is paid or have a promise to pay or is being disputed, configure the bot to pause or stop.

Dispute & Escalation Management

Collaborate and resolve

Growfin CRM allows you to not only capture promise-to-pay (PTPs), escalations, disputes and write-offs but also collaborate with other team members and resolve them in an intuitive manner.

Dispute management

Track invoice disputes as tickets and assign it to stakeholders to have clear accountability and faster resolution.

Growfin Escalation = Salesforce Case

Finance can escalate invoices or create disputes from Growfin as cases in Salesforce for the sales rep to resolve.

@mention your colleagues

Simply @mention your colleagues in the disputes or other activity threads to drop a comment tagging them.

Collaborate with context

Having the relevant data where collaboration happens seals the right context into interactions.


Customer responses captured in Growfin’s inbox

Any responses to your collection emails are captured within Growfin and the team has access to those emails from Growfin’s inbox. Act & respond from one place.

Our biggest challenges were to build out automated AR reporting, track communication with customers regarding past due accounts, and personalizing our notification process. Growfin allows us to have automated reports, real-time communication updates to prevent duplicate work, and personalized notifications to our customers.
Ashlie Stewart
Manager, Billing Operations
Growfin helps fast growing companies like us to be on top of AR, which is critical for getting predictable cash inflow.
Senior Director Finance
“Growfin has been able to streamline our AR process and improve our collection efficiency.”
SVP, Finance and Commercials
The team at Growfin has been super supportive. It's been a pretty quick onboarding process, to say the least.
Financial Controller

AR Aging Dashboard

Replace your tracker spreadsheet to real-time dynamic AR dashboard

No more checking your spreadsheet notes & your inbox for contacted date before you follow up. Have all the information in one place.

Understand when to follow up

Growfin automatically tracks when you last followed up and what is the status of payment.

Health score

Highlights the risk of collecting cash from a customer based on the past payment behavior for you to strategize collections.

Prioritize Accounts

Prioritize accounts that you want to focus on for the week based on the aging, balance & health score of each customer.

Filter Views - Slice & dice

Segment your accounts by risk, region, business unit etc. and save them to easily accessible views.

Snapshot AR Dashboard

Run through your numbers with a fine tooth comb

Get to know your overall AR snapshot at an organization level or at an entity level or at a BU or region level.

Key Metrics

Have a view on a rolling basis of your key cash flow metrics - Outstanding, Collected, DSO & Aging buckets.

Know where your cash is stuck

How much of your AR balance is pending, paid or stuck in dispute & drill down.

Top Debtors

See the top debtors and how much money they owe you.

Collection Funnel

Know how many customers you followed up, how many received & either paid or replied.

Are your emails getting delivered?

Growfin tracks all your email deliveries to help you understand if your customer’s contact is missing or stale.


Predictable Cash Inflow

Get trends on sales, outstanding and cash collected MoM. Growfin understands the past payment behavior of every customers and trends to predict cash inflow for a month.

Sales vs Collected

Get insights on each months cohort of sales vs how much got collected.

Collection Performance Metrics

Growfin measures average delay in payment and collection effectiveness index which are true  representation of the collection performance

Team’s Performance

Know how your collections team has been performing against their target and balance, also see activities they performed.

Turnkey Integrations with your finance and sales tech stack

No code. No IT. Get up and running within days.
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