Beginning of a Journey called Growfin

Raja and I co-founded a social recommendation startup in 2012 called Frilp. Three years later, we sold the company to Freshworks where we also joined as engineering and product leads for different products. Having scaled products at Freshworks and seeing the growth story unfold in front of our eyes was a shot in the arm for our startup dreams.

Five years later, we decided to move on from Freshworks and start up. Our criteria was simple—find a problem that was deep and had a large market. Growfin, hence, was born out of months of market and customer discovery research. At every step of the way, we dug into first principles to question what we were doing and the ‘why’ behind it.

Today, we’re off to a great start! We’ve some amazing customers who are helping us shape the product. This rocketship is beginning to take off. As we add more people to the team and as more customers believe in us, our core strengths remain the same - a child-like enthusiasm intact from our Frilp days and the templates we’ve learned for building a solid business from our Freshworks experience.

But the best part is the journey in itself. I’d like to invite you to join us as we embark on reinventing the tech stack of the finance org - as an employee, customer and well-wisher.


Aravind Gopalan


Growfin’s co-founders, Aravind and Raja co-founded Frilp along with Shyam Anandaraman, Senthil Kanthasawamy and Anish Deenadayalan.


Frilp is acquired by Freshworks. Raja and Aravind lead engineering and product management for two different products.


Quit Freshworks and went on a soul
searching journey to discover a startup
that had a deeper problem and a
large market.


More than 300 hours spent, understanding the pain points of the Accounts Receivable function in tech companies.

Growfin comes alive. We acquire a few awesome customers early on.

Locus use AR Automation Software by Growfin

Seeing signals of product-market fit.
We have our eyes set on repeatability
and scale.