Stories of Sheroes and Heroes behind Cash

Let's Talk Cash!

With so much hullabaloo around fundraising, sales, and growth stories on the internet, the true fundamentals of the business often get lost, like cash flow.

In reality, cash flow is the aorta of a business. How finance leaders manage cash flows efficiently in a hyper-growth environment can make or break a business.

Thankfully, we’ve had front-row seats to listening to some of these amazing heroes and sheroes, who have helped us shape Growfin's AR automation platform over the past few months. And it made perfect sense to throw the spotlight on these leaders and their insights. 

The Casheroes is a series of freewheeling conversations with these leaders from finance as they relive their experiences and share nuances on running the finance function in a fast-growing setup.

Learn. Level-up. Let's talk cash!

Aravind Gopalan
CEO & Co-founder

Get on the fast lane to cash flow acceleration and revenue predictability.